Trade Program


Sign up for a free trade account today and enjoy savings of 20%+ on all our bespoke furniture. 

We are excited to partner with you and allow members exclusive access to our stunning furniture range, with at least a 20%+ discount on furniture. Whether you’re a retailer, interior designer, home developer, architect or in any other trade. We are happy to provide your customers with unique, rare furniture pieces that make an individual statement in any space.


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Benefits Of Opening A Free Trade Account Today

  • Bespoke handmade furniture to order.
  • Sell first and buy later. The best way to protect your cash flow and limit risk.
  • Discounts of 20% or more on furniture.
  • Access to bigger savings of 25%+ on furniture. This is based on high sales volumes. Higher sales equal larger discounts and profits.
  • No minimum orders. Reduce your financial risk.
  • Worldwide insured delivery.
  • Fast and easy online ordering.
  • Free lifetime membership.
  • Delivery straight from our manufacturer to your customers, or to your store or warehouse.
  • New furniture lines are added on an ongoing basis.


More Benefits To Opening A Free Trade Account 

  • Potentially, your business can acquire more passionate and loyal customers by exposing them to a broader product range that's vibrant, modern and unique.
  • This is an opportunity for your customers to gain access to rare, one of a kind furniture pieces that cannot be found on the high street. You will enable your customers to enhance the beauty of their space and enjoy a variety of new products.
  • Once we have approved your trade account. You can upload photos straight from our website to your site and start selling instantly.
  • For sell first and buy later, ordering is simple using the discount code at checkout (you will receive this once your account has been approved). When items sell on your website or in-store, you select these items from the products or collections tab and checkout.
  • We can review your account and based on high sales volumes provide further discounts to increase your profits.

Become an exclusive trade member today and enjoy large savings, generate new business and drive sales forward for maximum profits.


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