Trade Terms Of Service


  • Trade discount is at least 20% for furniture and 10% for prints and framed prints. Currently, we do not offer a trade discount for mugs and phone cases.
  • Trade customers will need to apply for a trade account in the trade section of the website.
  • Once a customer has applied for a trade account. If accepted, a trade discount coupon of 20% will be issued for furniture and 10% for prints and framed prints. The trade coupon must be used at checkout in order to receive discounts. You must check out separately when ordering furniture and prints/frame prints and use the applicable discount coupon.
  • A larger furniture discount can be requested. This is after a high sales volume has been established. We would need to review the trade client’s account in order to confirm a higher discount.
  • Discounts will be applied to the cart value
  • The trade coupon cannot be used with other discounts and is used solely for trade purposes.
  • The coupon cannot be applied to taxes if relevant, or shipping.
  • We do not offer credit. All products must be ordered through our website on the same day the sale has been made, especially if the trade client is a retailer.
  • Our images can be used on trade clients’ websites in order to promote the products, or new pictures can be taken if preferred. If this is the case, items would need to be purchased first.
  • Sell first and buy later is where trade clients order items once a customer purchases (unless a showroom piece is required).
  • If a trade client or retailer requires a display piece for their store. Items need to be ordered using the 20% trade discount coupon at checkout.
  • These terms can be amended at any time.
  • Use of a trade account confirms agreement to these terms. The agreement can be discontinued at any time by either party.



  • Once a trade client’s or retailer’s customer has purchased an item either in store or on the retailer’s website. The trade client/retailer will need to order the item on our website, using the trade discount coupon that same day.
  • Once a trade customer has placed an order. An order confirmation email will be sent to the email used to place the order.
  • If we cannot accept the order for any reason. We will notify the trade customer by the email address used to submit the order.


Products and descriptions

  • We will depict products as accurately as possible, however, It should be highlighted that actual product colours may vary slightly from how they appear on a device screen, or how they appear printed. The variance can depend on the device settings and ink/paper type and quality used.
  • All furniture is hand-made and although sizes are outlined on the website, the sizes can vary up to 2 cm. Trade clients/interior designers should take this into consideration when considering furniture for a space.
  • We reserve the right to discontinue or amend any items at anytime. If this occurs you will be notified by email.



  • Delivery will be made to the address entered at checkout. Trade clients are welcome to enter their customer’s addresses at checkout to enable our manufacturer to deliver directly to trade clients’ customers, worldwide.
  • Trade customers can enter their customers address at checkout for delivery straight from our manufacturer to their customer. However, trade customers are also welcome to enter their store or warehouse address at checkout for furniture to be delivered to their business, rather than directly to the customer. Trade clients can then arrange delivery of the furniture to their customer, or arrange collection in store if they prefer.


Pricing and Payments

  • Payments are accepted by credit or debit card through PayPal. We do not accept cheques.
  • We reserve the right to cancel and refund orders at any time if we cannot fulfil the order. Trade customers will be made aware of this as soon as possible by the email used to place the order.
  • Currently, prices are exclusive of VAT, a sales tax charged in the UK. We do not charge VAT at this time but will in the future.
  • Prices and discounts can be subject to change. However, we will honour the prices in place, at the time of order.